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High Council

We have been gathered to lead the Returners. Our names strike fear into the hearts of our foes. Any and all who dare to oppose us shall be vanquished by our blades.

Warlord Tijkova: Wizard, 85/233
Eden_X: Thief: 403/NA
Thodar: Fighter, 167/NA
Magz: Tracer, 194/72
Voldemont-the-Mean: Wizard, 81/193
LORD: Priest, 85/85
SuperSaiyanBulma: Wizard, 61/149
Hephateus^: Paladin, 150/47
Goba: Psionic, 86/250
DSLF14: Wizard, 61/153
C84: Psionic, 32/82

Our motto goes here