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The Returners

Hope everyone likes the new web page. You'll notice that we have music and artwork, but we still need one thing: more members. It should be a bit easier now, since the page isn't quite as boring, but we need to get out there and recruit. So here's the deal: first person to recruit 10 new members will be promoted to leader of their class, regardless of what arena they are in. Anyone else who would like to be the leader of their class and is at least in expert (not masters) e-mail me. After promoting whoever wins the recruiting war to class leader, other class leaders will be assigned by who applied first. When we get enough members, I'd like to hold some tournaments, especially in the expert arena. This way we can find out who are strongest members are, as well as actually getting our members together in one place. Also, I'd like to include walkthroughs for the Dungeon of Dispair. I can do levels 1-3, but someone else will have to do the others. E-mail me if you are interested at Now get out there and recruit.