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O.K., normally, this page will have some sort of story that makes Harvest Moon seem more like the normal RPG, in which you go around hacking up monsters instead of hoeing up fields. But I had a different idea this time, so just give it a shot.
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A Warning to My Fellow Mooners

Mooner- one who plays Harvest Moon on a regular basis

With it's addictive properties, Harvest Moon is quite capable of scewing one's view on real life. If you or any other Mooner you know does or has done any of the following things, consider seeking medical help.

10. You expect all people and animals to have names with 6 letters or less.

9. You eat red berries without hesitation, and wonder why you get food poisoning.

8. You believe that time does not go on while inside.

7. You canít believe that people can say different things when you talk to them repeatedly.

6. You always rely on the weather forecasts.

5. When you stay up late, you expect to instantly reappear in your house at 6 a.m.

4. You wear the same clothes every minute of everyday.

3. You only bathe when you feel like it, and you are confused about how people notice.

2. A scenario in which a kid who doesnít even look like he is in his teens lives alone on a farm, gets married, has children, and not only drinks heavily, but is encouraged to drink by the adult population does not strike you as strange.

1. You go around axing people in the head, and then you are surprised when it affects them.

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