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Every week, I'll ramble on and on about whatever I feel like here. Dependng on how lazy I get, it may be every other week, but it should change every once in a while. OK, I'm not that lazy, but don't count on it always changing in exactly a week.
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Looks like game shows are the new fad. First came ďWho Wants to be a Millionaire?Ē I got a question: Who doesnít want to be a millionaire? And since other networks copy any idea that gets good ratings, Greed and 21 showed up. Now we have Survivor and Big Brother, where the best way to win is to make sure you donít piss off the other people until there are only a couple left. And you got to admit, they chose some people who really donít know how to play to win for those two shows, especially Big Brother. If you nominate someone to get kicked out, you donít tell that person unless he/she is voted out. If I knew someone had nominated me and I wasnít the one voted out by the audience, I wonder who Iíd nominate the next week? But sticking with the game show fad, here are my ideas.

1. Jailbirds- take 10 prisoners who are not threats to society that were convicted of non-violent crimes. Stick Ďem in solitary confinement until they canít take it anymore. Whoever lasts the longest in solitary confinement gets let out of jail.

2. Survivor 2- equipment: one desert island, lots of cameras set up all across the island, and a bunch of people to leave on the island. Leave some sort of ship at the beach for the people who canít last any longer (no one wants to see someone actually die trying to get the money), but thatís it. Letís see these people really survive.

3. Double or Nothing- grab a couple millionaires off the street (or walking off the set of ďWho Wants to be a Millionaire?Ē) You keep asking them questions of increasing difficulty until one of them misses. The prize? One million dollars . . . of the other personís money.

~Tijkova God, I am so asking for a lawsuit. :)

"There will be no one left to worship us. . ." Gesthal, FF6

"I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE YOU!" Kefka, FF6

"Ahem, there's SAND on my boots." Kefka

"Run, run, or you'll be well done!" Kefka again

"Zemus, or should I say Zeromous, I will cast you back to where you belong." Golbez, FF4

"You got whacked 'cause you're weak." Magus, Chrono Trigger

"I thought you were all feeding the worms." Mog, FF6

"Prince Ralse... yeah, so? I hate him! Everyone does." "Maria" (Celes), FF6

"Reeve, flush your personal problems with the rest of your crap!" Heidegger, FF7

"Mayor? He just sits in this building all day feeding his face! You still call that a mayor?" Heidegger

"There's more girls out there than grains of sand. I can't keep track of 'em all." Edgar, FF6

"Leave us. The dog eats strangers." Shadow, FF6
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