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Rules and History
The Returners


You hate 'em, I hate 'em, let's face it: no one likes rules. But we have to have some. Sorry. It's a short list though.

1. Don't cuss. This includes using symbols or leaving out letters.

2. Don't repair or make any other purchases in battle

3. Don't disgrace the guild

4. Recruit new members

5. You many not be a member of any guilds we are at war with (gee, wonder why?).

History of The Returners

6-24-00: Tijkova forms The Returners. And there was much rejoicing.

7-22-00: Ramul wins guild tournament (expert level).

8-3-00: Baigan wins novice tournament, LORD wins expert tournament.

8-7-00: 30th member and at least one member in each arena level.

8-20-00: 45 members. High Council created.

8-22-00: 50th member (and #s 51-53 as well.)

9-1-00: 100th member. Tenchi_the_Pimp wins novice tournament.

9-2-00: madzcrow wins expert tournament.

9-3-00: Kurse wins masters tournament.

11-5-00: Tijkova realises he hasn't updated the history in the past two months. Then he asks himself, "Does anyone ever read the history anyway?" In the past two months, face2loran has become master champion, we've formed some alliances, and at some point we declared war on the Terror Squad.

And that's all I've got to say about that.


Anyone caught breaking these rules will be subject to my wrath! Actually, anyone caught breaking rules 1-3 will be disciplined at the discretion of the High Council. And though I can't punish you for not recruiting, do it anyway. As for spies, anyone caught spying will be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment at MY discretion. The thought of slowly lowering the bodies of any spies into a vat of liquid nitrogen has crossed my mind.