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The Returners

Here is a list of all the members of the Returners. If your stats are not up-to-date, it probably means you haven't contacted Tijkova to change them.

Grand Masters
Warlord Tijkova: Drake Wizard
Thief Leader Eden_X: Drake
PrinceDarkness: Orc Fighter
-hammer: Halfling Paladin
weasel: Human Thief
idijoost: Dwarf Fighter
Jake_The_Master: Drake Thief
darkfog: Dwarf Psionic
ZiaxTheCelt: Thief
star_mage16: Half-Elf Tracer
chachi: Drake Tracer
demonspawn: Half-Elf Psionic
flamious: Human Fighter
DarakTheCelt: Fighter
Voldemort-the-Mean: Drake Wizard

Masters (champion: face2loran)
Tracer Leader Magz: Human
Wizard Leader DSLF14: Half-Elf
Sammael: Human Wizard
sw: Orc Fighter
Ramul: Human Tracer
Serion: Elf Wizard
hellmunkey: Human Preist
Kurse: Human Paladin
The411onEverything: Drake Priest
MasterGoku: Elf Wizard
maniacman: Drake Psionic
face2loran: Human Paladin
Plattiseum: Drake Wizard
Greenleaf: Human Tracer
DangerousLiLmo'fo: Human Wizard
TavidX: Elf Wizard
shiza: Drake Psionic
Mage_Of_Rhy'Din: Human Wizard
flamis: Human Wizard
mrgrimm: Drake Wizard,
ThePhantom: Elf Wizard
gradell: Gnome Fighter
ChaosDemon: Drake Fighter
(V)aster_Of_All: Elf Wizard
Fumita: Drake Psionic
RedWolfe: Elf Wizard
darkman: Halfling Wizard
ExDoS: Human Fighter
XSephirothX: Human Fighter
TaranTheCelt: Tracer
Toohey: Orc Thief
Roark: Human Paladin
shoompa: Human Psionic
riot: Human Fighter
K41j1n86: Human Paladin
destroyerofinnocence: Half-Elf Paladin
rynmann71: Dwarf Priest
fieryben: Human Wizard
idijoost2: Dwarf Tracer
{nusze}: Half-Elf Priest
Shadowslash: Drake Wizard
Griffin2: Dwarf Priest
Dark_Overlord: Elf Tracer
NsaneTiger: Drake Tracer
Vulcar: Half-Elf Fighter
VagabondLife: Half-Elf Paladin
death_master: Troll Fighter
Chromium: Drake Fighter
Willock: Elf Wizard
Dialm4freak: Human Thief
Gandalf_the_White: Elf Wizard
J1: Half-Elf Psionic
Gooshmoo: Elf Psionic
skatemaster: Dwarf Tracer

Priest Leader LORD: Elf
Paladin Leader Hephaestus^: Human
Fighter Leader Thodar: Elf
Psionic Leader C84: Elf
Taku: Drake Priest
Zuka: Half-Elf Thief
Smelter: Drake Paladin
Listor: Half-Elf Wizard
Creslin_Minera: Elf Wizard
Eleys: Gnome Psionic
Worlum: Elf Wizard
DarkBadumX: Human Tracer
The_Black_Knight: Half-Elf Fighter
J85: Drake Wizard
MegaMonster: Dwarf Priest
SuperSaiyanBulma: Human Wizard
Dark_Messengger: Human Thief
Cyclonekiller: Human Paladin
DSL: Half-elf Fighter
Tetsuhara: Human Paladin
Jasmyne: Drake Psionic
Baigan: Halfling Fighter
DarconTheCelt: Wizard
joe2004: Dwarf Wizard
Dark_Lord: Drake Paladin
Scouser: Human Thief
WhiteFang: Human Thief
(V)onkeyasskicker: Halfling Priest
angry64: Human Psionic
evil_elf1: Elf Tracer
the_pacesetter: Drake Fighter
SOLDIER: Human Thief
Moggara: Gnome Wizard
Ganondwarf: Gnome Wizard
Zsinj: Elf Psionic
Empty: Human Fighter
Silo: Human Fighter
FrostWolfe: Elf Paladin
Warrior_Of_Rhy?: Orc Fighter
Mustela_Furo707: Drake Fighter
Bardo: Human Paladin
Dragon_Blade: Dwarf Tracer
Anfer: Elf Psionic
Cullien: Hakf-Elf Psionic
Chagrin: Elf Wizard
aeolus: Human Wizard
Great_Magician: Orc Wizard
Caster: Human Wizard

Novices (champion: Tenchi_the_Pimp)
Raccuglia: Halfling Theif
ultimatewizard: Dwarf Wizard
phoenix86: Orc Tracer
SpaceGhost: Elf Fighter
Leftout_shadow: Half-Elf Paladin
Tenchi_the_Pimp: Human Paladin
~Dark_Crono~: Dwarf Fighter
EVIL_MIN-MEI: Drake Fighter
Aldor: Troll Fighter
Yomato: Elf Wizard
Potter-the-Weak: Drake Wizard
Nahaz: Drake Wizard
HellsPriest: Drake Priest

More positions coming

There will be more positions, such as 2nd in command for each class, available soon.

Look at all these other people who have joined. So why don't you? It's not like I'm running a one man show here.