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Most Wanted
The Returners

For people who have pissed off the guild

all members of the Terror Squad, for being in a guild that opposes us and openly promotes cheating

exx, for being the leader of the Terror Squad

Stealth_Killer, for being in the Terror Squad and being a complete ass hole

RegisTheTheif, for insulting the guild

toth, for repairing in battle

mojo, for insulting the guild

Let's face it: there are some people out there who can really piss you off. That is what this page is for. If there is someone who has good reason to be a marked man/woman (insults the guild, curses continually, cheats by repairing/buying new equipment in battle, etc.) send that character's name so that we can bring them to justice at our blades.

If your name is on the list: too bad! Actually, there are ways to get your name off the list. First, you have to show that you have changed. Second, you've got to catch me in a good enough mood to remove your name. As long as you are on the list, you cannot become a member of The Returners and you will be hunted by all members.

All people listed above are wanted dead, not alive.