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Fated Voyage


Contact Me
Before you ask it, check here to see if it's been asked already. Saves me time, saves you time.

Q: What is the storyline for the comic?
A: Basically, it's just going to follow Final Fantasy IV (FF2 for anyone who insists on the American numbering). But the jokes will be such that even if you've never played a Final Fantasy, you can still enjoy the comic. Of course, things won't happen for all the same reasons as in the game.

Q: Why Final Fantasy IV?
A: FF4 was my first Final Fantasy, and has always been my favorite. I've played it numerous times, so I knew the storyline pretty well, and it wasn't too difficult to find sprites for it.

Q: What inspired you to make comics?
A: I've always like parodies. I used to write parody stories in my free time. I enjoyed it, and more importantly, other people enjoyed. So one day I was clicking around on various web comics and found a basic step-by-step guide to sprite comics. I made a couple, showed them to some friends, and basically decided it was worth continuing.

Q: So in other words, you got bored out of your mind and this is the result?
A: Yes, but I like my answer better.

Q: How often will you update?
A: In theory, every two days.

Q: In theory?
A: Yeah... I'd like to have a set schedule that everyone can rely upon, but to be honest, it's probably not gonna happen. I know there are other web comics that never miss an update, and I applaud the artists for being able to do that. The difference here is that they get money, through donations, merchandise and advertisement. On the other hand, I don't get paid a dime for my comics. So if something comes up last minute, I might miss an update now and then, but I should never be more than a day late. Now, if I ever turned to ads, donations and merchandise for my comic, you'd get more reliable updates.

Q: Are you gonna demand money?
A: I don't plan on it. I've never personally donated to a web comic, so it would be hypocritical of me to make you pay. Besides, my intention behind this comic was to be free. If I ever tried to make money off of this comic, it would be completely voluntary, but you will never have to give me anything to read my comic.

Q: Is this comic going to be offensive at all?
A: If it were a movie, it'd probably end up rated PG-13. I don't personally cuss much, and my characters won't either unless I feel it really helps to get the point across. If you're offended by a particular comic, feel free to e-mail me and say so, and I'll apologize. If I get enough complaints, I might even redo the comic. My goal is not to offend anyone, although I'm sure it'll probably happen anyway.

Q: Where did you get your sprites?
A: Most of them came from The People’s Sprites. When I needed some Final Fantasy 1 sprites (like for the corpses of the mages in the first few comics), I recolored some FF1 sprites from Final Fantasy Classic. My friend Mike has been kind enough to make custom sprites for me when I needed them. And I ripped a few sprites from ZSNES using the print screen command.

Q: Will you give me your sprite sheet?
A: Nope. If I'm capable of getting these sprites, I'm sure you can too. Just click the links.

Q: JPG?! What are you, a moron?!
A: No, Tripod only takes two types of picture files: JPG and GIF. If I used GIFs, then you could call me a moron.

Q: So then why do you use Tripod?
A: Money. To put it simply, I don't have much, so I use a free server. Tripod is free and it has easy to use templates, so it works for now, although it won't be the permanent home for the comics.

Q: I keep getting pop-ups! Can you please get rid of them?
A: Unfortunately, the pop-ups are beyond my control; this is one of the disadvantages to using a free server. I can give a few suggestions though. If you use Netscape as your browser, the newer versions, which can be downloaded from Netscape's web site for free, have a built in pop-up killer. For Internet Explorer, you can download pop-up killers: I personally use AnalogX, which can also be downloaded freely (do a Google search). If you use AOL (America Off-Line, as I fondly refer to it as), my suggestion would be sign on with AOL, minimize it, and then open up Netscape or Internet Explorer and follow the directions above. You can still use AIM; just open it up too and sign on with your AOL screen name. You'll get a nice little IM telling you that you just signed on in another location, but you can ignore it.

Q: How do you make the comics?
A: I use Microsoft Paint and save my files in JPG format.

Q: Do you take suggestions?
A: Of course! Means a lot less work for me! Seriously though, I'll consider your suggestions, but it has to fit the storyline and make sense.

Q: I have a web comic of my own. Can my characters do a cameo?
A: Again, if it makes sense. If your characters are Medieval-fantasy type, it very likely I could work them in. However, futuristic characters probably will not make sense.

Q: Can I link to you?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you do the same for me?
A: Most likely.

Q: Will you marry me?
A: Next question...

Q: Where were you on the night of July 12, 1996?
A: I don't know...

Q: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
A: OK... you've lost it. This interview is over!