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Fated Voyage


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7/12/03- I'm Back

Yeah, I'm late. I'll just get that out of the way. Several factors contributed to this. 1) Writer's block. It happens when you leave for a while. 2) Weather. If you pay attention to the news at all, you've probably heard of all those storms in the Midwest. I live there. Power has been unreliable. 3) Server error. Haven't been able to get into my page for a bit. I blame Tripod and AOL. In more important news, my Keenspace account has been activated, so I'll begin the move ASAP. I'll still try to update (that's reassuring, ain't it?).

7/1/03- More Than You Ever Needed To Know

Where to start? I've signed up for hosting on Keenspace, which gives free hosting for web comics. Yay! This is good because I can use PNGs, which will look a lot better, and the URL will be a lot shorter. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to build the page from scratch, so no telling when the comic will officially move. Now for bad news: I'm going to be out of town for a few days starting Thursday. I may or may not (like how I can be vague?) get a comic up Thursday before I leave... it'll just depend. I'll be back Monday, so depending on how tired I am, the next update will be Monday or Tuesday.

6/25/03- Late? What Do You Mean, "Late"?

As should probably have been expected, I never quite got around to publishing the new comic last night. Why? Let's just say I couldn't convince family members to sign off. But we all learned an important lesson: I learned to publish my comics earlier in the day, and you learned not to expect updates to always be on time, especially while I'm still at home.