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High Council
The Returners

The High Council

Guilds gotta make decisions. We have to decide if another guild is worth forming an alliance with or if they need to be destoryed. Sometimes, we gotta discipline our members. That's what the High Council is for. These members are responsible for many of the decision madeby our guild.

Make sure you maximize the page for the High Council, or it doesn't look right.

High Council

If you want to join the High Council, there are a few regulations. First, you gotta be a Returner. You can be a member of other guilds, but unless they are an ally, you can't hold a high position (class leader, 2nd in command, etc.) Should you be in a guild we are at war with, you must break all ties with them (which all Returners should do anyway.)

I'll put our motto here once we get one.