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The Returners

Returner's Hideout

As usual, I haven't had much time to update recently. Oh well. Anyway, I've challenged the Brotherhood of Pain to a tournament in GM, so anyone in GM interested in representing the Returners needs to e-mail me.

The Returners is a guild for serious players of Vagabond's Quest. Only serious players need to consider joining.

Have you joined? Good. Read on.

Now that you are a Returner, your task is to recruit new members. This is a pretty easy thing to do, just ask "Anyone want to join a guild?" and you'll usually get some responce. Having strong members is important, so try to single out some of the strongest people in the Arena. Characters who are good recruiters will find moving up in The Returners pretty easy.

Read my rantings! And if you have a topic you want me to rant about, tell me.

Tijkova's Weekly Rantings

I'm going to put a guestbook or something here later. Right now, I'm just filling this space.