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Class Pages
The Returners

Class Pages

Right now, this'll seem kinda unnecessary. But when this gets to be a larger guild, it'll be a real hassle for me to stick everyone's name on one page. So I'm going to have the different class leaders design pages for their classes. (O.K., actually this idea came around when Eden_X made the page for the thiefs. But it's still a good idea.) So check these pages out, 'cause a lot of time was put into them.

Are you the leader of your class? Then you ought to go make a page. They aren't that hard, I made this using Tripod without knowing any HTML. Other good sites include Geocities and XOOM. If you don't want to do a page, I'll try to find someone else in your class to do it, but I'd much rather the leaders do it.

Here are the links.



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